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TITLE: Best Friend's Place

LABEL: Independent Release

RELEASE DATE: November 15, 2019

FORMAT: Digital


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1. Best Friend's Place


Stepha – Vocals, Production, Bass, Sampling
Benjamin Dawson-Sivalia - Production, Guitar, Drums, Keyboard, Vocals


Nov. 14th: Songbyrd, DC

Nov. 20th: Elsewhere (w/Geoffroy), NYC

Dec. 2nd: The Broadway, NYC



tel: 828-808-0096


Best Friend's Place

independent release


“Listening to Uruguay is like riding the subway home late at night in a new city—dreamy and metallic, full of energy and possibility.” -Rookie Mag

“Uruguay is about to become a household name that you will not soon forget.” -Paste

“Stephany Murphy’s vocals are deceitfully soulful, brimming with emotion but only ones that appear to have been hardened over time. She carries the tune effortlessly, without affectation, almost like a specter.” -The Deli Magazine 


“Stepha Murphy is a badass.” -PRØHBTD 


The dynamic duo of Uruguay met on a circumstance of fate. Both moved to New York City for dreams - Ben a music producer, and Stepha a model - however, the realities of the city led to a string of struggles. In the midst of homelessness, the neighborhood bakery on Frederick Douglas and 117th provided a space of serenity.


“The woman behind the counter fed us and helped us get through. We finally asked where she was from.... She answered: ‘Uruguay.’


After making our first single, ‘Sabrina Segment’, we started talking about a band name. Something about feeling the slow rock of the train while the sun washed the city in a faded blue/gold haze made ‘Uruguay’ come to mind. We returned to the bakery to tell the woman how much she meant to us and our band, but sadly it was gone.


Uruguay is a symbol of our beginnings and the wonderful people who have and are helping us along the way.”


Today, Uruguay is on their way to becoming an undeniable force in the realm of anti-pop. Taking a grungier approach to the genre with their three singles to date, the group harnesses influences from SOHN and dark narratives like FKA Twigs, Billie Eilish, and Radiohead. These inflections have been translated into a vibrant kaleidoscopic of sonic waves through which their organic production and haunting vocals leave a lasting impression.

"Best Friend’s Place (B.F.P.) first appeared in a dream over a year ago. At first it was opaque flashbacks to sneaking out into the woods with friends to escape a tumultuous home life. But it quickly evolved into an anthem for connection, authenticity, and allowing yourself to escape and do what you need to do in order to be okay. Our best friend's place is where you go to escape judgment and expectation. And this is a song dedicated to the O.G.’s out there; to our best friends...the people and places where we go to escape." - Uruguay

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