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independent release


"Showcasing soulful vocals gliding atop eclectic instrumentation, you can feel the magnetic spark of excitement as they finally discover the underlying charm on the city of angels." -EARMILK

"An escape from the haze." -LADYGUNN

“[Lucaa] is about to become a household name that you will not soon forget.”        -Paste

“[Lucaa's] vocals are deceitfully soulful, brimming with emotion but only ones that appear to have been hardened over time. She carries the tune effortlessly, without affectation, almost like a specter.” -The Deli Magazine 


“Stepha is a badass.” -PRØHBTD 


TITLE: London

LABEL: Independent Release

RELEASE DATE: December 8, 2023

FORMAT: Digital


00:00 / 04:21


“London” sat in a notebook for 3 years after Lucaa wrote it on a whim in their sister’s kitchen in San Francisco. Too much to process at the time, they finished the song after encouragement from Juno winners Snotty Nose Rez Kids when opening for them on tour. After the show, Snotty took Lucaa aside to tell them “you can go farther than you know - do this for yourself and your people”.


The first single off Luca’s debut EP, “London” tells the story of a queer artist of color navigating love in the external world (how they are perceived and received) and internally (their relationship with themself and their loved ones). As the first chapter of this journey, it explores the storm of trying to love others while still learning to love yourself.

 “‘London’ embodies my journey and experiences as a queer afro-indigenous person. The songwriting is raw, emotive, and also quite introspective and blunt.  I am talking about my shortcomings and hardships with painstaking honesty and vulnerability. I want to be better, but I don't know how because I can't seem to love myself enough to fix it. There is a calming beauty to the lush instrumentation and melody that engulfs you in my sorrow and hopefulness that I can somehow mend this love.” - Stepha (Lucaa)


Past Features

-One's To Watch "Now Watching"

-Spotify's "Listen Local New York City" Playlist



-Native Max Mag (print + digital)


-Out Magazine

-Paste Magazine



-Rookie Mag (in affiliation w/ Teen Vogue)


-Placement on CBS's 'FBI' (10 million viewers)


-Lilith Festival (Dec. 8, 2023)

-We Found New Music Showcase (ft. Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Sigrid, King Mala)

-Snotty Nose Rez Kids (opened)

-Haley Blais (opened)

-Dreamgirl (opened)




-Diop (designer clothing)

-Luelle (designer intimates)

-Cheekbone Beauty (cosmetics)

-EMME (designer clothing)

-Relative Arts



Originally from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina but currently living between LA, NYC and Richmond, VA; Lucaa is the brainchild of singer/producer Stepha, who is a 2 spirit Afro-Indigenous artist from A Ni Sa Ho Ni (Cherokee - Blue/Medicine clan) and Arapaho ancestry. Their genre-bending alt-pop brand of music features raw and deceptively deep songwriting that pulls from their experiences as a young model in NYC, and being a queer POC artist.  


At a young age, Lucaa remembers listening to their father (who was a backup singer for Rick James, Earth Wind and Fire, and Michael Jackson) and mother (a trained opera singer) singing around the house. They also quickly became fascinated with more off-kilter artists like Yael Naim and Regina Spektor and would teach themself how to sing and play their songs on piano by ear. Now, Lucaa's approach to alt-pop harnesses influences from Radiohead, Billie Eilish, girl in red, and Sade. With organic production led by Stepha’s natural intuition and vocals reminiscent of a lullaby, Lucaa’s brand of raw and emotive pop music is an expression of both their innerworkings and their culture.


Lucaa has always infused fashion and music into their art, and is working to bring indigenous representation to the music industry through their own unique expression and voice. Within the context of music and fashion, they are also shining a light on the two-spirit indigenous experience within the queer community. From their own words:


"I am striving to bring a stronger and louder Native voice and presence to the music industry. And to create an easier path for other diverse, young Indigenous artists within this world." - Stepha (Lucaa)


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